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Welcome to the American Ironhorse Owners Organization This website is for all who own and ride American Ironhorse Motorcycles. You have found the most progressive AIH website with the most advanced collection of technical information, most owners with “tribal knowledge”, American Ironhorse Suppliers, and trusted Repair Centers. This is not a “dead” site - we are here, we are very “active”, and we are moving forward! LATEST NEWS & INFO:   Be a part of  “Bike of the Week” ... email us from 4 to 6 pictures to:
Golan Petcock Rebuild & Modification By “Musky” with contributions from “Bandana” & “Ramblinman” My rebuild is using the tip that Bandana suggested adding a gasket between the back plate and petcock body and Ramblinman's tip in making the gasket. In some cases a rebuild kit from Golan may be necessary i.e. if the O-rings are destroyed... The gasket I used was AutoZone Part number# 3195. It was ...                     <Read More>
Ross owns THREE of these ... you’ve seen his #94, and now his #45. He’s got one more to show you - wait ‘til you see it!
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