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Welcome to the American Ironhorse Owners Organization This website is for all who own and ride American Ironhorse Motorcycles. You have found the most progressive AIH website with the most advanced collection of technical information, most owners with “tribal knowledge”, American Ironhorse Suppliers, and trusted Repair Centers. This is not a “dead” site - we are here, we are very “active”, and we are moving forward! Got a flaky RHC, Speedo, or Igniter giving you fits?  We will test these for you for FREE! More Info ... GALLERY & More Info ...
Where are all of the 2006 “10th Anniversary Edition”  Texas Choppers? If you own a 10th Anniversary Texas Chopper, you’ll want to be included in a photo gallery created just for you owners!
LATEST NEWS & INFO: Register & Can’t Login? If yes ... Did you reply to the Confirmation email? (Check your SPAM folder!!) Over 150 people didn’t reply to the Confirmation email. We can assist but it will take time to work though 150 failed confirmations. What’s left of the Fall 2013 order as we head into Cool Spring Weather... Skull Caps=1, Beanies=4. Hoodies: L=4, XL=2, 2XL=2, 3XL=2. Long Sleeve Tees LOW. Koozies=6 sets(6/set) “10th Anniversary Gallery” has been updated with another s/n added!  SO - Where are your pictures? Bike of the Week has several layouts in queue - get yours in NOW and get published sooner!
What’s left ...                               
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Skull Caps = 1 Beanies = 4.
Hoodies:   L=4,    XL=2, 2XL=2,    3XL=2
Long Sleeve Tees All Sizes now very low.
Koozies  =  7sets (6 per set)
Bike of the Week
More Pictures ...
Mike Coffel’s 2003 Slammer
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